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education and study

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What is important for self-education

Assessment of knowledge

If desired, the student can develop his own system of knowledge assessment. However, one should not forget about objectivity, because at the end of the 11th grade one has to take exams. It's good practice to review past work regularly to track down deteriorations and improvements. Works can be checked by parents or outside experts.

In the case when regular checks and analyzes are carried out, any problems can be corrected on your own, without turning to paid tutors, intensives and express courses for help. If you are learning to write an essay, then this check can be achieved through the help of Bid for writing, which allows you not only to analyze your written work, but also to write an even better work. It helps a lot in self-education.

Progress Tracking

You can start tracking progress from the very beginning of training. For example, you can follow how the idea is honed when writing an essay. Using help writing a paper, you will definitely see progress in the papers you have written. The main thing is to be able to find this moment when writing written papers. It is not necessary to keep a school-style diary, but it is necessary to track progress. With this data, it will be more convenient to correct training if the student cannot cope with the load or, conversely, has already mastered the upcoming topics.

Self-education does not constrain, so no one forbids you to approach work with progress creatively: draw graphs, get a notebook with impressions where you will describe your achievements, or use special applications in which this process is automated.Write a lot of written work. This allows you to expand your worldview and creatively approach any topic. With the help of, you will learn how to compose your written work correctly. This helps very well in self-education not to be constrained.

You can make a table, print it out and hang it over your workplace. Depending on your study plan, which we talked about at the beginning, it can be both achievement lists and the number of lessons left.

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