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PS Master

Hiring Company: Personal Statement Master
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Last Update: Aug 16, 2021 12:06:58 PM
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Personal Statement Editing and Proofreading

A personal statement is an academic written piece of writing usually used to apply for undergraduate and graduate school admissions. Personal statement editing and writing are, however, a real burning match. Unless you've won some sort of Youthful Spirit Award or re studied English Literature extensively. Then you're well on your way to being a good Personal Statement Editor.

Many applicants do not apply for college at all, they hope to get in through the 'back door'. The personal statement editing team at admissions will often struggle with this, as they see such essays as potential opportunities to expand the 'who' or 'what' they already know, rather than to prove they are uniquely 'human', or that they hold the key to the perfect college application essay. There's much about personal statements that will appeal to admissions committees - their own knowledge about the applicant's life, family and education, for example. It may also be that an applicant has a great story to tell about a time they made some kind of personal or athletic progress or perhaps they're exceptionally creative and enjoy telling stories. The editors will try to capture these aspects of a person that an admissions committee might like.

Another common issue is that personal statement writing service paper can become overly wordy. After all, many applicants are applying to multiple colleges and hoping to convince admissions officers that they are, indeed, the right person for the job. This means that, as well as proofreading for consistency and flow, it is important to check the accuracy of spelling and grammar. Often, the decision to read an essay is to determine if you like the way it is written, or would like to rewrite it to suit yourself or the admissions committee. Personal statement editing services can help here by proofreading for any errors in grammar and spellings.

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