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Instagram manager

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Last Update: Jun 11, 2021 07:56:28 PM
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Not so long ago, bloggers and ordinary users of the social network were struck by the news that Instagram removed views of other people's likes. Users who are interested in statistics, for some reason, were afraid for this indicator and their coverage.

Although this news is not that Instagram has removed likes. They can still be found under posts with photos or videos. The change affected the "Subscriptions" tab, which was previously located in the activity section. Now the developers have removed it from there due to the low demand for this function. What did it give users? Anyone could track who is being subscribed to and who is being liked by people from the section of their subscriptions. That is, these are all the people he followed in the story and in the feed.

Purpose of the "Subscriptions" function

Initially, the "Subscriptions" function in the activity section on Instagram was created for those people who want to follow the actions of their second halves, friends, relatives or specific individuals. Some with a great positive perception of this function, even often used it, trying to catch their loved ones in "micro-changes". They saw:

  • when they liked it;

  • who they subscribed to, whose pages;

  • how often they did it.

But the popularity of this function was not so high, so Instagram removed views of other people's likes. Many people did not even notice such a change and did not react to it in any way. And all because they have not previously used it. Those who used the function often found it a little more difficult, but they also put up with it.

Still, the overwhelming majority of Instagram users simply did not know about this section "Subscriptions". Some entered it by chance and, not finding anything interesting there, passed by. This was done by the developers of Instagram and the goal of simplifying the interface.

The original purpose of the subscription graph was to find interesting pages. That is, "Subscriptions" were to be used as a tool for finding new content. But people misused it and it just morphed into one of the ways of online stalking. A separate tab has appeared on Instagram, which is called "Interesting". It does not completely replace the subscription function. However, it is able to provide the user with interesting content based on his main search queries. Also you can to know how to check who someone recently followed on instagram.

Now, when you click on the heart icon in the Instagram toolbar, only information about the activity on the page of the author of the profile will be displayed:

  • likes that people leave him under posts;

  • incoming subscriptions;

  • comments in the account.

Almost all Instagram users have removed views of their likes in this category.

Refusal from likes on Instagram

In May 2019, news appeared that Instagram would remove likes. Indeed, such a refusal function has begun to be tested in a number of countries. In the summer of 2019, these changes affected Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. So far, there is no news or official statements about the results of such an experiment. However, the Instagram administration intends to continue the experiment and expand its borders to other countries. What was the essence of such an experiment, why will the likes be removed on Instagram?

Many users are chasing the number of likes, thereby trying to increase activity, reach, and make the profile successful. But in this pursuit of the number of hearts, the quality of the content suffers. Various services for boosting likes are becoming more and more in demand, other people make money on this. But posts that are really interesting and useful are considered “unsuccessful” by Instagram algorithms. They get lost in the mass of useless posts and stories.

Bloggers took the news that Instagram is removing likes with great disappointment. Of course, because their main goal is to monetize content. Due to the lack of likes, they saw difficulties and certain problems with this.

Already in July 2019, many users began to complain that their likes counter under their photos had disappeared. At the same time, they can independently see their number in statistics. The rating is not seen by other users - their subscribers, followers, people who are not subscribed to the account.

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