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What are motivated installs

Hiring Company: Motivated attitudes
Location: Charlotte, Arkansas
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: $28209
Experience Desired: 0 - 2 Years
Last Update: Apr 11, 2021 09:44:45 PM
Full Job Description:

In general, you pay for someone to install your application.
Due to the large number of purchased installations, you can get to the 1st place in your category or, if the app is new, to the top new ones.   Is it worth spending money on them? In most cases, no. People only look at the tops in games (well, and in a few more categories). If you need, for example, a VPN application, then you are unlikely to go to search by category, because it is not clear in which category it can be: Productivity? Utilities?

In search engines you pay for the fact that a person will enter the phrase you need in the search, do not be too lazy to scroll to the 35th place where you are in the search results for this phrase, and install it. The Apple or Google algorithm will see that your app is relevant to this search query (your conversion rate will be 100% among purchased installs), compare the number of your installs for this query per day with those of your competitors and, if there are more of them, it will raise you in the search results. Also you can buy installs on https://accfarm.com/buy-ios-installs Going first is simply a matter of the number of search engines you have to buy.

"This is what I need!" You exclaim. And you will be right ... the next couple of days. And then you will begin to fall just as quickly from these first positions.

Sometimes you see a graph like this:

There are many reasons for this, but there are several main ones:

  1. Your conversion rate from impressions for this request to installs is worse than that of your competitors:

  • because you have chosen not quite relevant query in principle (for example, some kind of too general);

  • the name of the application does not quite match the search query (maybe, with the help of your application, you can solve the problem from the query, but from the name it is not clear, so people see you in the search results, but scroll further);

  • because your conversion rate is, in principle, worse than that of your competitors (due to an unsuccessful icon, screenshots, descriptions, bad reviews, etc.).

  1. The competitor has the words from this request in the headline, while yours - in the keywords.

  2. In general, you have significantly fewer installs and reviews than your competitors in this country. And all other things being equal, it plays a role.

How does TOP Google Play work?

The number of installs is also a major ranking factor for the Google App Store. The considered period is 48 hours. The calculation may take place with a slight delay, so do not worry if you purchased installations (installations) or got featured (got into a special selection from the editors of the app store), but this had no effect on the position in the TOPs. You just need to wait a bit.

In addition to the number of installs, ratings and reviews, which are almost identical to the ranking factors of the App Store, the Android app store also has specific ones. Google is smarter and takes into account the real metrics of application usage (which makes it almost pointless to buy gray motivated installs). Google knows whether users uninstall an application, how regularly they visit applications, what is the average session length (duration of use from launching an application to exiting), the number of local likes (aka "+1") placed on the application page.


Is it necessary or not to buy motivated installations? From advertising in search engines - you can. But only after you have optimized the title and keywords as much as possible, and only for phrases where you have a very good conversion (i.e. for the most relevant ones). Also, you need to be sure that you have good screenshots and reviews. 

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