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Carbon Dioxide Storage Tank

Hiring Company: Carbon Dioxide Storage Tank
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Last Update: Mar 07, 2021 07:22:35 PM
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The volume of the insulating liquid carbon dioxide storage tank should not be too large. Its volume is usually between 100 cubic meters and 250 cubic meters. Since the inner cylinder is stainless steel or high-temperature alloy aluminum, argon arc welding is generally used. These gases exist in liquid form in order to increase the rate during transportation and storage. If the carbon dioxide storage tank is working abnormally, report it to the team leader and contact the maintenance personnel for repair. Between two fixed points, the stress due to cold shrinkage may far exceed the yield point of the material.
Insulated liquid carbon dioxide storage tanks are currently the preferred liquid storage containers in various industries. Liquid carbon dioxide storage tank This container is a storage pressure vessel for storing liquid carbon dioxide and other media, and is one of the products of cryogenic storage tanks. At present, it is in the leading stage of science and technology in the country. It provides high-purity gas for steel mills, hospitals, gas production plants, food and beverage industries, welding and other industries. Gas cost.Carbon Dioxide Storage Tank

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