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Are you finding the need for some extra income?

Hiring Company: Atomy
Location: All Cities, California
Job Type: Temporary & Other
Salary: Not Specified
Experience Desired: 0 - 2 Years
Last Update: May 22, 2020 06:53:43 PM
Full Job Description:

Good business opportunity in Atomy:

What is Atomy?
Atomy, is a Korean company that distributes the supplement "HemoHIM Plus" and its own brand of premium cosmetics and personal care products made from 100% natural herbal ingredients. The Chinese character “美” (pronounced “mi”) stands for beauty. Mr. Han-Gill Park founded Atomy Co., Ltd. in 2004 and is also the CEO of Atomy America Inc. Atomy aims to deliver top quality product at the lowest prices, with patents all over the world. Atomy is a global network with established subsidiaries in Korea, Japan, Canada, the US, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Why Atomy
1. Products
Atomy is having incredible success. Atomy’s slogan is Absolute Quality, Absolute Price. This means you are getting the highest quality products at the lowest price possible.

2. There is no cost to join Atomy
People refer others all the time for nothing when they recommend a store, product, service, restaurant, website and so on. But Atomy pays you to be their advertising. Last year alone Atomy paid out about $170 million to their members in commissions and bonuses.

Benefits of Atomy membership:
Get member pricing (up to 58% off non-member price) Free to Join
Free to Join
- No Registration Fees
- No Monthly Fees
- No Website Usage Fees
- You do not have to purchase products to join
- You do not have to purchase products every month
- No automatic reordering; No “auto-ship”
- No minimum order quantities
- You do not need to sell products
- One member ID is valid across the world

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If you want to register ATOMY members
Please follow the steps below
1 Click on the web address below
– Official Website –

2.⇐ Click “Join Us”.
3. An ATOMY member’s ID and password are required.
Please enter ID: 20362608 Password: Home123$
4. click “JOIN”
5. Check “All Agree” for terms and conditions.
Click the “NEXT” button.
6. Please enter your personal information
7.Please enter your sponsor’s membership number
ID: 20362608 and click ‘search” ( sponsor’s name will appear)
8. Click “Confirm” on the screen below.
9. Click “NEXT” and select one center search
10. Click “NEXT”
11. Your membership subscription is complete.Click “DONE”
12. will appear “Welcome to Atomy” page
Please record your ID and password and store in a safe place

Company Type: Not Specified
Contact Name : Lisa
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