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Sky Van Line Inc

Hiring Company: 14937 San Fernando Mission Blvd
Location: Mission Hills, California
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: Not Specified
Experience Desired: 0 - 2 Years
Last Update: Dec 18, 2019 05:17:24 AM
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Address: 14937 San Fernando Mission Blvd, Mission Hills, CA 91345, United States
Phone: (800) 667-1318

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Sky van line started as a small dream in our founder’s mind, they were a young couple looking to travel and see the land. So, they worked hard to get their class A license and hit the road, that is how our story began. They got to see America and learn the moving industry from all aspects.
The dream started with one truck and expanded step by step. Taking all the knowledge they had gathered and started building our moving company.
We are your long-distance specialist, every employee in our company comes with experience from the field and is elevated to give you the highest service in their filed!! This is our company today

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Business Hours: 9am - 5pm monday to friday
Payment Methods: Credit, Debit, Check, Cash, Bank Transfer

Company Type: Not Specified
Contact Name : Sky Van Line Inc
Contact Phone: 800-667-1318
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