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Hidden Lake Winery & Banquet Center

Hiring Company: Hidden Lake Winery & Banquet Center
Location: Aviston, Illinois
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: Not Specified
Experience Desired: 0 - 2 Years
Last Update: Sep 14, 2019 10:29:40 AM
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Address: 10580 County Rd 400 E, Aviston, IL 62216

Website: http://www.hiddenlakewinery.com

Category: Winery, Wedding Venues, Bar & Grills

Are you looking for a new date night location, or just love the sweet taste of a nice red wine? Then bring your taste buds or significant other to Hidden Lake Winery Banquet Center in Aviston, IL, a winery that caters to everyone from connoisseurs to those looking for a good night out.

At this winery, situated in “Silent Forest” a place full of local legends, enjoy several award-winning wine options, including dry, semi-sweet/semi-dry and sweet. Produced with locally grown fruits and having undertones ranging from apple and pear to blackberry and blueberry, you’ll find something to please everyone’s palate.

While wine is certainly a huge draw, it is only as good as the food offered. Tailored for the season and the available wine selection, their grill offers a plethora of dining options you can enjoy. Chef Margaret Rodenhouse obtains as many ingredients as possible from local suppliers to craft her mouthwatering menu. Hidden Lake Winery also has a variety of delicious craft beers on tap from local breweries, and they take pride in supporting their local community.

In need of a wedding or reception venue? Hidden Lake Winery is also the perfect banquet center, offering services for private events, including a full-service bar. Their elegant Champagne banquet hall seats up to 500 guests with an amazing balcony view overlooking the room. Their Lakeside patio offers seating for up to 400 guests and is the perfect site for your ceremony. For a romantic conclusion to your night, check into one of their cabins, which include a fireplace, jacuzzi tub and satellite TV.

Whether you’re just looking for the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner, or are looking for a venue to profess your love, Hidden Lake Winery and Banquet center has everything you need. Call them today at (618) 228-9111 or visit them online.

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Contact Phone: (618) 228-9111
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