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Hardware Installation Specialist

Hiring Company: Mahantech Corporation
Location: Raleigh, NC, North Carolina
Job Type: Contract
Salary: $DOE per Hour
Experience Desired: 6 - 8 Years
Last Update: Jan 31, 2019 10:56:17 AM
Full Job Description:

Role : Hardware Installation Specialist
Location : Raleigh, NC
Duration : 11+ Months
Interview Mode : Webcam/In-Person

Job Role:
The IT Hardware Deployment Team for DIT - Transportation will be responsible for replacing 3000+ Windows desktops, laptops, and tablet computers in 500+ sites throughout the state. The team will be based out of the IT Distribution Center. Team members will use data provided to them to determine computers that are due for replacement, develop a plan for deployment, and work with the business units and site techs to create a schedule for the work to be performed. New computers will be imaged, joined to the domain, user software installed, and labeled, at the IT Distribution Center. All computers and peripherals will then be driven to the install site, per the pre-approved schedule, where team members will replace the old computers. Some sites will be completed in short, one-day trips, while others will be grouped in trips lasting 2-5 days. Weekend work may be required, depending on the business unit impact on public services. Team members will be responsible for transferring all user-specific software, profiles and locally stored data, and setting up local/network printers and network resources.
• Travel, some overnight 2-5 days at a time
• Imaging computers, joining to domain
• Computer hardware refresh, Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrades
• Software Inventory, Data/Profile migration, documentation
• Installing Software, often involving following complex instructions and enterprise specific details
• Microsoft Office (365), especially Outlook profile/.PST migration and troubleshooting
• Installing software, peripherals
• Configuring network printers

Skills Required:
1. Skilled in different types of computer hardware, software, peripherals and components, networking protocols and communications. Required (7 Years).
2. Installing and imaging new computers and loading of appropriate software for customers. Required (7 Years)
3. Installing local and network printers and other peripherals and configuration of same. Required (7 Years)
4. Migrating Data and user profiles. Required (7 Years)
5. Documenting process and procedures related to technical field support activities. Required (7 Years)

Company Type: Not Specified
Contact Name : Roopa
Contact Phone: 304-220-5059 Ext: 203
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