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Operations Engineer

Hiring Company: Corning
Location: Concord, North Carolina
Job Type: Full Time
Salary: Not Specified
Experience Desired: 0 - 2 Years
Last Update: Sep 14, 2018 02:48:33 PM
Full Job Description:

MET (Manufacturing Excellence Team) Responsibilities :

Maintaining production equipment (“stewards of the equipment/process”)
Next level of troubleshooting after shift personnel (called on by shift personnel for troubleshooting help)
Will be responsible for monitoring equipment and processes.
Responsible for making process/equipment/procedure adjustments.
Handles manufacturing improvement identification and solutions.
Involved with technology receivership.

Responsibilities of Position:

Responsible for MET engineering support in Blankmaking
Trend analysis (by equipment, attribute, product) & monitoring / response plans
Equipment and process troubleshooting (3rd level; post-shift troubleshooting; including off-hours coverage)
Concise and accurate documentation on troubleshooting steps and corrective actions
Recommend improvements to process/equipment and drive equipment robustness
Handling manufacturing improvement corrective action plans and solutions.
Provide inputs about equipment maintenance requirements & shortfalls
Identify chronic issues and recommend corrective actions
Identify when engineering support is required to address significant production platform / process / specification issues or changes
Provide mentorship, direction and training to MET Techs
Work with MET Techs to drive equipment/process standardization and continuous improvements
Oversee MET resources within MET section if applicable.
Collaborate with MET resources in other sections to drive consistency and share standard methodologies.
Work with Engineering, OSS, IT, AMT, MTE and PPD.
Work with Operations team including section & shift supervision, and associates as required to improve manufacturing performance.
Technology (process/product) receivership within the community

Education & Experience:

BS or MS in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Open to Materials Science Engineering or Chemical Engineering Degrees as well.
2-4 years of engineering experience; internship experience will also be considered.

Required Skills:

Strong engineering and troubleshooting skills.
Technical skills and aptitude.
Ability to handle multiple tasks and issues effectively.
Directive and autonomous.
Seeking someone with sound decision-making and prioritization skills.
Should have strong and professional communication skills.
Ability to work within a team and provide training to others.

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